Tuesday, July 26, 2016


If you have been following me these last many months you know that I trust and believe the Universe provides exactly what I need when I need it.

Yes, many do not feel this way and I understand.  For me though, it is a truth that springs from deep within.  It has led me through the most trying of times and seen me surface on the other side vibrant and alive with new conviction and direction.

Yet, every now and again, FEAR gets in the way.  FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real.   This definition was shared with me the other day and it rattled my nerves. False Evidence Appearing Real is exactly what has happened....FEAR had taken hold!  Somewhere along the line I had seen/heard/read something which has brought fear to the idea of my next walk. Being alone, getting lost, not being able to complete the pilgrimage - FEAR grabbed me.

Lisbon to Santiago- it has been on the agenda for several months.  I have known it was the right walk at the right time and yet, in the last few days, FEAR has raised it’s head and I have allowed it to squeeze the life out of what should be a celebratory time as I prepare.

Yes, you might say, but have you stepped back and asked the Universe for direction? Asked why this FEAR has taken hold?  After all...isn’t that what you espouse to believe Ms. Walking Woman?
You are right!  I had asked but, I had NOT surrendered so that answers could become clear.  Until today…..four hours ago…. as I awoke and once again asked for the answers; for the clarity I needed.  Only this time - I let go.  I remembered to LET GO- SURRENDER and get out of own way so the Universe could show me what I needed to know.

And I walked my morning walk.  And listened.  I spoke with a friend about her issues, and in hearing my own voice remind her that she could now let go of what was troubling her,that it was perfectly okay to temporarily feel the frustration and hurt she was feeling at a specific situation, but now that she had emotionally felt it, spoken it, she could let go and turn it over to the Universe…. I heard my own answers.

And I walked home. Awaiting me was a message from a fellow author in a writing group I belong to, sharing that he had just been reading my book and how it had spoken to him.
He had downloaded it long ago and was just reading it today-when he needed it most as he was struggling in his trust in the Universe.

He shared that  he felt this was exactly what I needed to continue to do, continue to write, sharing inspiration for people to listen to the Universe and, most importantly, live in gratitude.   

His message reminded me why I walk, what it brings forth in my spirit and why I must.  It is during these times, these long pilgrimage walks,  that I am most open to the energies of the Universe.  It is during these times that I gain my greatest moments of clarity and wisdom.
And it from these walks that my books arise.

Coincidence?  No. Synchronicity.  Messages coming through when we specifically ask and trust they will appear; when we surrender and simply let the answers flow.

FEAR is gone.  My walk is on.  It still may change shape in the exact where ...which walk….and that's okay because I  know that when I start, I will be starting exactly where I meant to begin...and the story will unfold.

Friday, July 1, 2016

DAWN  July 1, 2016

Persimmon blazes as the second half of 2016 stretches awake across the eastern Washington sky.

What do I hear if I close my eyes and empty my mind....open my ears and my heart
To the morning gifts?  What do I see when I am not searching for anything in particular?

~~ cobwebs glisten on shrubs welcoming daylight, casting diamonds into the morning light
~~ Chi-chi-chi-chi-chi-chi-chi-chi- chiiiiiiiii…..automatic sprinklers rain - blades of grass drink
~~ Burlington Northern crosses the valley whistling through a sleeping country town
~~ doves sing from the pines above the rooftop
~~ ding…..the coffee pot calls to me through an open door
~~ Mamma and Papa quail lead their brood of nine across the lawn, pausing as they catch    me watching
~~ the trill of morning birds, each singing it’s part in the post dawn chorus
~~ a car motor kicks into gear - the workday has begun
~~ hmmmmm...hmmmmmm..hmmmmm as the tank in the dining room provides needed oxygen
~~ bunny scampers from his hiding place under the hedge
~~ flit--flit…..a robin has found the freshly filled birdbath, wings tapping quickly, bringing a shower down on her back
~~ gravel crunching underfoot --a neighbor wanders out for the morning newspaper
~~ breezes blow gently...sprinkler water finds its way to my shoulders

Persimmon sky, now dissipated to the normal light of a new summer day.  
Warmth wraps the front porch where I sit, coffee cup at my side…

I am blessed in this new day -- I am grateful.