Saturday, March 12, 2016


Notes to Myself-January 2016

When things go wrong and we get uprooted, what if that’s not life being against you, or life being harsh? What if those moments are a divine storm? And what if those moments are happening because all the things that don’t serve our greatest potential and our spiritual path are being uprooted not to punish you, but for your best interests? What if your worst week or your worst day was divinely sent, and actually your greatest day?”  -- Mastin Kipp

My Mom has always said that our life path was like a magnificent tapestry. Woven, threads crossing threads, colors on colors. We walk through our lives only seeing the jumbled mass of stitches and strings on the back.  But, every now and again in life...once in a very long while...we have a moment when the picture is clear and we see ever so briefly what we are weaving...and then it disappears once again.  These moments of clarity help us to know our purpose and, although brief, the moment can transcend time and carry us through until the next viewing.

When I read Mastin Kipp’s thoughts on bad or negative moments actually being part of a divine storm, my mother's words came back. I think because I am feeling that my world is in such a state of flux as I move into my 60th year soon, I am holding tight to the inner knowing that the threads of the tapestry are still intertwining… just as the Universe directs... all is in order. But oh how lovely it would be for one of those clear viewings right about now!.

And how I wish, for just a brief while, this divine storm I am living would quiet.  I want to trust in your words Mastin Kipp…..and I do, usually..….but how I need some calm from the storm.

While walking this morning It occurred to me that perhaps it is time to try and draft what I know of my life. Bullet points of moments in outline of my story. Walk through scenes of time….write them….and see what becomes clear.  Maybe a simple bullet list chronologically….leave the subjective for another chapter...focus only on the occurrences that seem to be focal points in my mind.  Perhaps this will help guide me from the storm...into the clarity of the overall beauty I am creating?

March 12,2016

And the clarity came.  Two months later and I have completed a book that has been in the making for a year.  It will launch soon - next month in fact!

Funny, an exercise in looking at the important events in my life was like a momentary turn of the tapestry; everything was clear for a few glorious minutes - A few minutes which allowed me to move forward with conviction.

I wonder what the next glimpse will show.....

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Following my Path....

March 1st, 2016.  
I sit here stunned at the flight of time. Weeks since I last posted here have been
spent writing a story that has been in me for a couple of years. And welcoming a new baby granddaughter into the world!

Last spring, I attended a writer’s workshop in Chicago sponsored by Hay House.  
As many of you know, I went because I heard a definitive whisper from the Universe.
That Hay House emails would continue pinging my in -box upon my return from my Camino in Spain seemed a pretty straight foreward announcement that the draw I had to  pilgrimage walking and writing was to be followed.  No, I had not signed up for Hay House events and no, I had not signed into any writer’s workshops which may have allowed a tag on from Hay House. How Hay House garnered my email info remains a question - I am just thrilled we got connected!

That Hay House was the publishing company of one of my  favorite authors, and in a way a mentor, Wayne Dyer, that Hay House published the works of Anita Moorjani and Gregg Braden, both authors I had read several times over during the last few years, that was not coincidence - It was synchronicity.  And, because I believe in listening when the Universe whispers, I took it to heart and went to the conference.

Hay House was offering a contest for attendees. Three package prizes which would allow publication of a book either through Hay House or their self-publishing arm, Balboa Press, were up for grabs. 175 entrants, many with published works in other venues, took part. Of course, I spent the summer working, writing, and drafting the required proposal to enter the contest.  

That I did not win a prize I felt so certain was mine, I now see clearly as part of a grander plan.  The majority of the work got written. The emotional piece, which occurred in working through issues of a collapsed marriage as I wrote and re-wrote, was given a place of release.  And, after walking away from the book idea for a couple months during and directly following my Camino in Italy in October of this last year, it all came full circle as the New Year arrived. I entered an amazing writing program and have breathed new life into my story.

As of today the book has been resurrected and sits in the capable hands of my editor, who I trust, will work her magic and produce a finished product within the next couple of weeks. While she deletes, comments and corrects I will be choosing a book cover design!  And, all things in order, my book will launch in late April or early May on Amazon.

So, you see, perhaps not writing here, or out walking at the moment, but definitely active in following the path of my continued Camino….A Camino of the Soul:  Learning to Listen when the Universe Whispers.

Wish me luck!