Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Missing the trail...the long days of solitude, fresh air and incredible sights when I am on a pilgrimage path.  I have been feeling the loss of the thing I love the most….the walking.

And yet, it is the walking that has led me to this precious, amazing, incredible moment
In time----the moment I launch my book and spend time with fingers trekking a keyboard rather than feet connecting with the rich, clean, trail dirt in another land.

Fingers trekking a keyboard - exactly what life has been the last few weeks.  
And in that process I am reminded again and again that the walking...the pilgrimage path... is what calls to my soul. Words flow forth and the longing to be on the path again pulls.

I knew it at Finistere - the completion of my Camino Santiago de Compostela.
Standing on the cliffs, Atlantic ocean crashing against rocks below, I knew in my soul this was my calling - this, the walking, and to write.

Jeannie called it to me in her angel voice.  “ Start writing….”   She whispered in my heart as I Ieft Pamplona and climbed the Alto de Pardon - the height of forgiveness -
“...don’t ask what or why ...Just start”   
And with her directive, warm secure words felt rather than heard, faith in what she knew was my truth, I began.  

A Camino of the Soul - Learning to Listen When the Universe Whispers …..my story….her story…. has been shared.

I am grateful and blessed for the lessons of these last few years. Thankful for the love Jack, in all the ways he knew how, gave to me. I am aware….I am now so truly aware of our purpose together.

It is said ‘ nothing in my life is out of order’. It is a truth I know in my soul.  I am exactly where I am meant to be…. I continue to learn to listen when the Universe whispers.

Friday, April 1, 2016


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